Confirmation Camp

Confirmation camp is a partnership between LUTHEROCK and a church or group of congregations called a CLUSTER. Campers stay in cabins with a college-age counselor. Confirmation folks normally have a couple of hours each day for teaching time with their campers. We will adjust our morning schedule for leaders to meet their needs. We need to know your schedule adjustment desires before you arrive so we can make plans accordingly. Outdoor Adventure Groups vary from group to group, as determined by the program and confirmation leaders.

Confirmation leaders and chaperones are welcome and encouraged to join the youth in their daily activities. The time you spend with them outside of the designated teaching time will go a long way in building relationships. The only times’ leaders are discouraged from joining the youth is for the campout and the adventure group devotions. We want to keep both of these as small, intimate groups led by the Lutherock staff.

Parents: Download the registration information (button below) for lots of information about Lutherock (including a 2019 Health Form and packing list). You will find all the forms including the camper health form that you will need to complete for your child’s program.

Leaders: Please download the registration information. Do not register any youth who is not your child in your online record or an online record for another staff person at your church. It is important that we have the parent name and contact information for each camper.


Luther Springs
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