Mission Possible: Richter Challenge

Dare to take the Richter Challenge?

Mission Possible Campaign volunteers, Kent and Donna Richter of Tavares, FL, issue a new challenge to fund construction of the Teaching Dock on Lake Vause at Luther Springs.

The Teaching Dock is the second of two Mission Possible Campaign projects at Luther Springs for the Living Lab Outdoor School, the camp's environmental education program. The Living Lab curriculum meets the environmental education requirements for Florida's elementary school students.

The Cinda Morgan Lakeside Pavilion, recently completed and ready to be dedicated August 11, provides the Outdoor School a lakeside classroom. The Teaching Dock will provide students access to study Lake Vause.

The cost to construct the teaching dock is approximately $50,000. Kent and Donna Richter want to see this project completed. They recently committed $25,000 to this effort and challenge other friends and supporters of Luther Springs to match their gift to fund this project. "We're going to dedicate the Lakeside Pavilion on August 11," Kent said. "There's no reason why we can't raise another $25,000 before August 11 and have something else to celebrate that day."

Voting members and visitors to the October 2017 Florida-Bahamas Synod Assembly will remember Kent and Donna's challenge gift delivered at the Assembly to meet the requirements to begin construction plans for the Atonement Chapel and Meeting Room at Luther Springs. A service of groundbreaking for the Atonement Chapel will be part of the August 11 Dedication Service at Luther Springs.

"Kent and Donna Richter are leaders among the wonderful volunteers for Mission Possible to secure the future of Luther Springs and Lutherock," says Pastor Jan Setzler, Campaign Director. "They embrace the goals and vision of the campaign with very generous gifts of money, time and energy. They intend to help put the Mission Possible Campaign over the top and challenge the rest of us to help them. We can do it!" Mission Possible gifts and pledges to date total $2.188 million toward the campaign goal of $2.235 million. "We intend to exceed the goal and move into the challenge phase," Setzler said.

Gifts and pledges for the Richter Challenge can be made to Mission Possible by sending to the Luther Springs Business Office, PO Box 830, Arden, NC 28704 or clicking on the link below.

For more information about the campaign, contact Pastor Setzler at jsetzler@novusway.org or call 864-942-2974.

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