Camp Lutherock and Lutheridge Camp provide camping programs and conference center facilities at two sites in North Carolina as a part of NovusWay Ministries.  In partnership with the congregations of the North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida/Bahamas and Southeastern Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. NovusWay Ministries, Inc. strives to provide programs and resources to nurture Christian faith. Both through an intentional Christ-centered community and offering a “place apart”, we are committed to affirm and experience relationship with all God’s creation.  Using those gifts entrusted to us by God, NovusWay Ministries, Inc. will encourage and enable people of all ages and needs to live lives of worship, service, mission and witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To achieve these goals, NovusWay Ministries emphasizes experiences in learning, worship, service, and personal relationships in an intentional Christian community.

LOCATION: Lutheridge is located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, midway between Asheville and Hendersonville on US 25, 0.3 miles south of the intersection of US 25, Airport Road and US 25-A. From I-26, take exit #40 and go 3 miles east to US 25. From I-40, take exit #50 and go 8 miles south to the front gate. Lutherock is located near Newland, NC on Sugar Mountain, adjacent to a popular ski resort. The camp entrance is at the end of Wes Brewer Road which intersects NC Route 181 at the WJTP radio station and tower three miles west of Linville and one mile east of Newland.

Facilities: Lutheridge is 160 acres on Crescent Mountain.  There are 75 buildings from simple shelters to camper cabins, to “motel-like” facilities. In addition, there are hiking trails, outdoor worship sites, recreation areas, a low ropes course and a 41′ climbing tower, a small lake, and a swimming pool. Camper facilities provide for a capacity of 325 children and youth each week. Combination camper and adult/family registrations will often reach over 400 during summer weeks. A full schedule of programs for youth, adults and families provides ministry opportunities year-round. Lutherock has 702 acres, 35 of which are developed with four buildings, platform campsites, and shelters, and recreational areas. The remaining acreage is wilderness with miles of hiking trails, outpost campsites, rock climbing and rappelling cliffs, streams, ropes courses, Alpine Tower, and outstanding natural features including Eastern Continental Divide, the headwaters of the North Toe River, the mile-high Sugar Mountain pinnacle, and the prominent “Lutherock.” Lutherock facilities include a main lodge, platform tents, rustic cabins and a small stone house. The “Crows Nest Retreat” for adults and families provides high-comfort lodging in the midst of wilderness beauty.

STAFF: NovusWay Ministries normally employs a full-time year-round staff of 20-25 people as well as various part-time employees for office, maintenance, kitchen and housekeeping services. During the summer season, the staff grows considerably when approximately 100 college and post-college age folk are employed as counselors, program and support staff. Members of the counseling staff must be out of high school for one year. Each week also brings the arrival of new program leaders and volunteers. Together it makes for an exciting, talented and vibrant community gathered to lead and enable the ministry of these places.

THE STAFF FAMILY: Being a part of the Lutheridge and Lutherock staff is being a part of a dedicated team. Staff life is filled with opportunities for Christian Ministry, fellowship, growth, sacrifice, and support. The experiences shared together as members of the Lutheridge and Lutherock staff serves a a model of life in the Body of Christ, in which understanding and respect for the thoughts and feelings of others are paramount. A family spirit and style of lie characterized by acceptance, forgiveness and love is the foundation upon which staff relationships are built. The strength and inspiration for this lifestyle are found in a common faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, and Example of the Godly life.

THE COUNSELOR ROLE: is chiefly fulfilled during the weeks when assigned to “camper duty.” Approximately three weeks out of four the counselor lives with a camper group with eight campers. These weeks may not be scheduled in consistent order and camper registrations may alter the ratio. As a counselor, one’s involvement in camp life is twenty-four hour per day responsibility. Those applying for a counselor position must have a genuine love and appreciation of children and youth. The counselor is a facilitator, guide, and role model, enabling the group to have fun at camp while they experience Christian community and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Counseling involves leadership in planning, group discussion, devotions, large group worship experiences, recreation, and outdoor living. Campers are grouped according to grades: grades 1-2, grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and grades 9-12. Assignments will allow for experiences in different age groups.

SPECIALITY COUNSELING STAFF: Some counseling staff is selected to serve in special program areas, either for the entire summer or specific weeks.

SUMMERSHINE COUNSELORS: are those who work with Mentally Challenged campers. These counselors work with campers of special needs each of the three weeks the program is offered. They are partnered with someone from the regular counseling staff.  Beyond general counseling skills, Summershine counselors should have some experience with mentally challenged people and a desire to work with this special population.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURE COUNSELORS: need experience and skill in general outdoor adventure camping. (Backpacking, fire-building, cooking, etc…) and be CPR certified.

LUTHEROAD: counselors will be ambassadors for Lutheridge, bringing the camp experience to the local community. These counselors will spend about 1/2 of of the summer “on the road”. Lutheroad counselors should enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places. Flexibility, leadership, and maturity qualities needed.

LIFEGUARDS: need Red Cross lifeguard training, first aid and CPR certificates and some lifeguarding experience. They will spend about half their time at the pool and half as a regular counselor.

GENERAL DUTY: In the weeks not on “camper duty” a counselor is assigned to “general duty.” At Lutheridge, responsibilities include serving tables in the dining hall, maintenance and house keeping duties in the buildings and on the grounds, waterfront duty (if qualifies), child care during adult conferences, snack bar work, special assignments in worship and music activities, and other similar activities. At Lutherock, responsibilities include assisting in the kitchen, maintenance, and assisting the program. “General duty” weeks provide a break from the intensity of the constant responsibilities of “camper duty.” It is not to be considered time off, but can provide the opportunity to rest. Those on general duty continue to be a significant part of the program and camp community.

TIME OFF: Staff is relieved from duty mid-day after staff meeting on Saturday until lunch on Sunday. While on “camper duty”, counselors may be allowed brief periods of free time during the day. All other time off must be requested and agreed to prior to or during staff orientation week.

STAFF ORIENTATION: There will be a period of staff orientation and training for the summer staff before the summer program begins. This is 10 days for most staff. More days may be required of speciality staff (OAP, SummerShine). All counselors are required to be present, unless unusual circumstances and prior approval warrant absence. Orientation activities will include”

a. experiences focusing on understanding of self and relationships with others…
b. training in group processes and leadership, development of group skills…
c. opportunity to develop and practice parts of the 2018 camping curriculum
d. study of Christian education in a camp setting, camper behavior and age-group characteristics…
e. training in camp skills and knowledge of each site’s environment, operation, routine, facilities, and opportunities…
f. participation in work projects to finalize preparation of facilities for the camp season…

MID-SUMMER PAUSE (LUTHERIDGE): Summer staff work is a time of intense giving of self to others in many ways and on many levels. While this is joyful work and also great fun, fatigue and weariness are not uncommon. A mid-summer weekend is set aside as a time for relaxation and refreshment for Lutheridge. Saturday afternoon and evening are programmed for renewal through reflection, fellowship, and worship within the staff family. Lutherock staff gather at the end of the summer for a rafting trip and worship.  Participation by all staff members is encouraged, but not required.  

COMPENSATION: Summer staff earns a monetary salary, paid weekly. In 2018, counselor salary is $195.00. All wages are subject to applicable state and federal withholding and social security taxes. In addition to salary, Lutheridge and Lutherock will provide lodging, and meals and staff shirt. Staff is paid for 1 week of orientation.

EMPLOYMENT TERM: Generally, counselors can depend on 8 weeks of employment, plus the orientation session. Some staff members may be retained for additional weeks, depending upon their availability and the needs of the summer program. One factor in the selection of the counselor staff will be the applicants’ availability for most, if not all, of the first eight camp weeks. *Please ask for time off only if necessary* Staff will be expected to honor the term of the contract signed. Because camper registration can be uneven, staff may be given a week of “furlough” (unpaid leave) to maintain proper number of counselors for camper population.

STAFF HOUSING: Camper counselors live in a cabin, platform tent or building with their campers. “General duty” counselors and non-counselor staff are usually assigned other living quarters.

RECREATION: A counselor participates in all parts of the campers’ group life–sports, swimming, ropers course, Bible study, etc. These activities are sometimes available to the “general duty” counselor when duty assignments allow participation. Special staff social functions and recreational activities are also planned: cookouts, campouts, dances, etc. Informal and spontaneous opportunities are plentiful. Weekend “off duty” time allows for trips to nearby areas for movies, shopping, restaurants, outdoor adventures, etc. All such activities add to the fellowship of staff life together. Lutheridge Camp and Camp Lutherock recognizes that some differences may exist between the personnel policies and the accustomed collegiate and/or family lifestyles of some applicants. Staff employment might, therefore, require adjustments on the part of the counselor. This is expected, not so much arbitrarily, but primarily as a part of the ministry and objective of church camping.  Applicants who are unwilling to make any such adjustments in their lifestyles are encourages to seek employment elsewhere. Additional guidelines may be discussed and agreed upon during staff sessions or orientation week.

APPLICATIONS: Members of the counselors staff must be 18 years of age and have completed one or more years of college or post high school experience. New applicants must complete an application along with 3 reference forms. Returning staff need to only complete the returning staff application form since their references are on file. Applicants are responsible for sending these forms to those persons requested to be references. Your completed applications are sent back to Lutheridge and Lutherock as soon as they are completed and submitted. However, processing will not be final until all reference forms are received. While there is no absolute deadline for applications, preference will be given to those applications received by the end of February.

INTERVIEWS: It is best when interviews can happen in person. It is the applicant’s responsibility to schedule an interview by calling or emailing the program directors. Because of distance or other circumstances, in-person interviews are not always possible. In that event a Skype interview will be conducted. Again, it is the responsibility of the applicant to make those arrangements.

SELECTION: Prayerful consideration will be given to all who apply. Many factors are weighed in the selection process including spiritual maturity, experience with children and youth, ability to be an effective role model, creativity, musical abilities, outdoor skills, community gifts, outdoor ministry experience, and familiarity with Lutherock and Lutheridge or other outdoor ministry settings. The goal of the program directors is to assemble the best team possible to carry out the mission of the ministries. Unfortunately not all applicants are selected. The decision does not judge the worth of the individual, but the situation of this time and place. All applicants will be notified during the first week of April. It is hoped that this will allow time for those not selected to make other arrangements.

A FINAL WORD: If you are excited and challenged by the opportunities of staff employment for NovusWay Ministries, you are invited to return the application form. Should you need further information please write or call Lori Bode, Assistant Program Director at Lutheridge or Kara Ridenhour, Lutherock Program Director.

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